7 Tips for Building Your Personal Brand on Social Media

My friend recently asked me how to "market" herself as an expert in a certain space to reach a new consumer base outside of her current circle. Of course, she has the option of putting some money into PR to get some publicity for herself, but because I eat/sleep/breathe digital, I suggested she use social media to grow her brand. Not only is it FREE, but you can easily reach new audiences and create a spectacular image for yourself. 

These are some of my tips for building your personal brand on social media- all of which can be applied to businesses as well. 

1. Have a sharp profile picture. If you want to be perceived as an expert, you need to look LEGIT. If you have a blurry selfie as your photo/avatar, people may question if your credibility.

2. Keep your "about" section short and sweet. No need to make this complicated with lots of romance language. Make it easy for people to find out what you're about and how they can reach you. 1 sentence about you, along with your email address and website is sufficient.  

3. Post content that is aligned with your goal. If you want to be known as an pastry expert, the majority of your posts should be about all things pastries. If you're all over the place, it may confuse people to what you're all about. 

4. Only post QUALITY content. Quality over quantity, people. Yes, you want to keep your channels up to date, but if you start posting poorly designed or written content, you could be perceived as sloppy and cheap. You could loose followers/fans/customers! Just don't do it. 

5. Be consistent. You should have a consistent look and voice to all of your posts. Similarly to #3 above, if you're all over the place with your photo filters and way your captions are written, it will confuse people. 

6. Keep your fans engaged. You're nothing without your fans. If they comment on a post, don't ignore them! If they took the time to tell you how awesome you are, the least you can do is acknowledge them. Over time, you'll build relationships with these fans, who will then become your biggest advocates and supporters. 

7. Look for strategic partnerships. Developing partnerships with like-minded people or businesses can improve your image (by association), and if they have a large following, increase your awareness and boost your following.