Why We're Addicted to Instagram

How many minutes a day do you spend on Instagram? 10? 20? 30? Yesterday I kept track and spent a total of 43 minutes scrolling through my feed. Apparently, the average Instagram user only spends 21 minutes a day on the app. I guess 2x the average could classify me as an Insta-addict. 

Sure, all social media platforms can be addicting. As human beings, we naturally like to gossip, "creep" on people, and show the world what we're doing and awesome we are. But, as I spent 43 minutes on Instagram yesterday, I only spent 8 minutes on Snapchat and 7 on Facebook. Instagram is just on another level for me!

After looking deeper into my Instagram obsession, I discovered a few things that may explain my (and your!) addition to the photo sharing platform. 

1. Anyone can be a photographer. As long as you have a smart phone, you're a photographer on Instagram. And with all of the handy dandy editing apps out there, it's easy to make your photos beautiful. No fancy cameras needed!

2. It's ALL visual. Did you know that 90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual? We naturally process visuals 60,000X faster than text! Visuals are easier for us to digest, therefore, we can see A LOT more of them, and stay on Instagram longer! 

3. Self promotion. And I'm not talking about "selfies". Nowadays, everyone has a website, blog, or business, and is trying to build their brand. Everyone is on the quest to become "Insta-famous" by using several hashtags with the hopes of getting re-grammed by an account with a large following. And get this- it works!

4. It builds communities. With easily searchable hashtags, handles, and locations, it's easy to find people with similar interests to connect with online. People will meet on the app from using the same hashtag, and develop relationships in real life!

Instagram is so much more than a photo sharing platform. It's a key tool I use to grow my clients' businesses, it's where I find people and brands to collaborate with, and it's where some of my friendships have originated. I just hope that my feed doesn't start getting (more) congested by Instagram Ads...